The View

We are building a universe where you can explore and expand your human potential. This world isn’t created to replace reality, but to extend it, as a part of you. The View brings you immersive and unique experiences which will enable you to learn, explore, share, connect, and build.

A whole new reality filled with inspiration and discovery awaits.

360° Content

We bring an array of experiences ranging from distant destinations to cultural encounters right into your home. By bringing you access to our 360 content that can be viewed via multiple digital devices.


  • human


    We admire people as they are; complex, unique, and filled with endless possibility. We provide the freedom for people to be themselves, to find inspiration through discovery and growth.

  • explore


    Exploration is about discovery, and to discover is to learn. The learning of new perspectives, new frontiers, and new skills, leads to new conclusions about ourselves and our fellow explorers, which deepens our bonds.

  • inspire


    Inspire people to realize their future self and unlock their potential. Inspiration changes lives. It is the fountain, the well from where we draw our best ideas and innovations. If we inspire each other, we improve each other.

Looking to the Future

The View comes to the world of metaverses with a different perspective. An approach of humility and humanity. We embrace new technologies such as NFTs, Blockchain, and Web3 with an eye on mutual value for all.

  • The View Verticals: Education
    01 September, 2022

    The View Verticals: Education

    Over the past decade, the adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been mostly linked to the gaming industry.

  • Hardware, new features: Quest 2 Builder Bot
    01 September, 2022

    Hardware, new features: Quest 2 Builder Bot

    Let’s imagine that if you wanted to build your own world, all you had to do was envision its features in your mind, say them out loud, and it would be represented in a 3D environment straightaway.

  • VR Industry Insight
    02 August, 2022

    VR Industry Insight

    Quest Fitness Tracker is Getting Baked into Apple Health & Oculus App

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